FAA Training


Golden Age Aviation is offering training for the American licences from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

We are offering theoretical and practical training for the following licences:

  • Private pilot single and multi engine land  "PPL SEL/MEL" ;

  • Commercial pilot single and multi engine land "CPL SEL/MEL" ;

  • Instrument rating (IFR) ;

  • Airline Transport Pilot Licence single and multi engine land "ATPL SEL/MEL" ;

  • Certified Flight Instructor licences (PPL/CPL/IR/ATPL) : CFI/CFII/MEI.

You have the possibility to pass the written and/or practical exams either in France or in USA with our partner "Brazos Valley Flight Service" located in College Station in Texas.

Converting your JAA licences into FAA licences is also possible.

Contact us for more informations and to establish a personnalized training program depending your experience.